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What services?

Your online presence

CMS website creation

CMS stands for "Content Management System". This allows you to independently edit the content of your website. From one page sites to large websites with extensive customization, everything is possible!

Website hosting

Websites are hosted on a server. Website databases and files are backed up regularly and the websites are being monitored for downtime.

A free domain name is included in the hosting package of your website.

Domain name registration

Webaholic can register virtually any domain extension that exists at very competitive rates.

Besides getting a domain name for the company website, some companies choose to register various domain names to protect them.


DNS is among other things what makes a domain name link to a server IP address. Webaholic can manage your custom DNS configurations like redundant DNS, SPF, DKIM and much more.


CDN stands for "Content Delivery Network". It distributes files globally to servers close by to your website visitors to allow for a faster loading website worldwide.


Regular, encrypted, outgoing/SMTP only e-mail. Webaholic can help you with any type of e-mail setup you need.

Spam filtering

A professional anti-spam filter can be utilized to greatly reduce the number of spam messages you receive.

Large file hosting

Hosting and distributing files that are many Gigabytes large can bring it's own challenges. Webaholic can easily help you set this up in on a reliable platform.

Newsletter system

Contacting customers via newsletters can be a valuable tool for your business.

Server management

Managing servers doesn't have to be rocket sience. Webaholic can help you set up and manage servers with ease using 3rd party service providers.

Physical server provisioning

Webaholic can set up your physical servers in a datacenter and offer advice in this field.

Virtual server provisioning

Virtual private servers have many advantages. Webaholic can help you with provisioning the correct VPS for your scenario.

Shellscript creation

Does your server need to perform custom actions? Webaholic can create Shellscripts for your server.

Iptables firewall

An Iptables firewall is not like a regular firewall, it offers far more control and is much more complex. Webaholic can help you get this up and running correctly.

Your physical office

Freelance CTO - technical lead

CTO stands for Chief Technology Officer. A CTO manages the technology infrastructure for your company.


Losing data is just not an option. Webaholic can assist with creating a fail-safe backup plan. On site backups as well as remote backups, backups of your online SharePoint, full PC backups for fast recovery time, ...

NAS devices

NAS stands for Network-attached Storage. Central data storage is key for many businesses. Webaholic can set up NAS devices at your office, configure and support them.

Online live support

Webaholic can remotely connect to a PC in your office to help with any issue or question that might occur. Fast and accessible professional help for day to day requests.

On location PC hardware support

If a PC needs a hardware expansion or replacement, Webaholic can visit the office to perform the requested task.

Hardware cleaning

A lot of hardware (especially laptops but desktops as well) start to build up dust in the fans and heat sinks throughout the years. A simple cleanup can do wonders for your hardware performance.

Secure hardware disposal

Webaholic can help to safely discard of your hardware by securely erasing the hard drive contents before you resell the device or by completely destroying the data carrier before discarding the device in the recycling centre.

Office 365

Office 365 is a valuable took for many businesses with centralized file repositories, company e-mail accounts, ... Webaholic can setup, manage and support the online Office 365 for your company.

Private VPN

When internet is used while traveling (eg: hotel or airport wifi) it is much more secure to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that allows you to "tunnel" your internet traffic to a trusted location. Webaholic can help you set up your own private VPN using a NAS device in your office.

WAN firewall

Offices in a business park sometimes have an "unfiltered" internet connection that requires the company to set up and manage it's own WAN firewall.

Virtual machines

Virtualisation can be useful for many things (eg: software testing) but can cost a lot if rented from an online provider. Using either the Open Source software VirtualBox on a local PC or hosting virtual machines on a NAS can greatly reduce these costs. Webaholic can help you choose, set up and maintain the right hardware and storage capacity for your scenario.


Webaholic can make AutoHotKey scripts/macros for advanced task automation on Windows devices.

Webaholic is the sole proprietorship of Manuel Schroyens.


As an early age I was introduced to the then brand new dial up internet thanks to my father who was an early computer adopter.
As a teenager, I started playing games and experienced the very early days of first person online multiplayer games.
Throughout the years, the passion for computers, code and the internet only kept growing.


In 2003 at the age of 22, I became self-employed in chief occupation, effectively converting my hobby in to my profession.
In the early days, Webaholic was mostly focused on creating websites but throughout the years many different skills where added to the ever growing portfolio, often by the request of customers.
My linkedin profile is actually quite boring as Webaholic has been up and running ever since its inception and remains my main professional focus today.


As mentioned, creating websites lies at the root of Webaholic but is not its sole focus any more.
This being said, I did want to give a special shoutout to CMSMS in this "about" section.

After working with various CMS systems, I finally settled on using CMSMS for all my website work.
CMSMS is a great Open Source Content Management System that allows me to implement a lot of customizations using the Smarty template engine by PHP.

I was part of the DEV team (Quality Assurance role) of CMSMS for a couple of years but had to stop due to time constraints.
Before I left, I did really enjoy organizing a full scale 3 day international conference for CMSMS in 2012 in Ghent (the GeekMoot).
While hosting this conference, I also gave a presentation about building multilingual websites in CMSMS.
I have written several articles about Smarty implementations in CMSMS but the website that was hosting them is now unfortunately no longer online.

And yes, this one page site is running on CMSMS


I have a "Command & Conquer Generals - Zero hour" t-shirt because I still play it today. (online multiplayer)
I have a "Duke Nukem 3D" t-shirt for nostalgic reasons as I started reading extensive/complicated manuals printed on continuous/fanfold paper to create levels for this game as a teenager.
Sometimes I spend more time creating AutoHotKey scripts for the games I like than actually playing them.
I built my own 3.5 meter wide floating desk with pull-out keyboard, a hydraulic monitor arm and a cable gutter.
I have a keyboard with Cherry brown MX switches, they have the perfect tactile feedback, operating force and travel.
I'm looking forward to working on the next challege with you.